Terms and Conditions

The Essex Catering Company

Terms and Conditions

Confirmation of Booking

1. Tentative Booking – Booking will be considered tentative pending receipt of a deposit, and will be held without

obligation, for a period of fourteen (14) days. Once this period has elapsed The Essex Catering Company reserves the right to cancel

an unconfirmed booking.

2. Confirmation of Booking –The booking will be considered as confirmed upon receipt of 50% of the function price

(as per the proforma invoice) deposit, together with the completed Booking Application Form.

If a booking is made less than three (3) days prior to the function date the Client must pay 100% of the function price

based on minimum numbers quoted.

3. Expected Attendance – The client represents that the number of expected guests stated on the Booking

Application Form (“Expected Attendance”) is a realistic expectation of attendance and is the basis upon which the

booking is accepted by The Essex Catering Company.

4. Slippage – If within five (5) days prior to the function the Expected Attendance reduces by 25% or more, the Client

will be liable to pay 50% of the charges applicable to the number of guests by which the attendance was reduced.

5. Guaranteed Minimum Number – The Guaranteed Minimum Number of guests attending the function must be

advised to ECC at least five (5) business days prior to the date of the function. Only increases can then be given to ECC

up to 24 hours prior to the function.

Catering Services and Security

6. Food and Beverage Pricing – The prices listed with the menus are current at the time of quotation.

7. Tastings – ECC offer one (1) complimentary food tasting at ECC premises for confirmed events estimated over

£3,000.00 ex vat on food only. If a second tasting is required, then charges maybe incurred. If it is requested to hold

the tasting at the client’s chosen venue, then delivery charges will be incurred.

8. Food and Beverage Menus: Provision and Service – If due to unforeseen circumstances ECC is unable to provide

the agreed menu or services ECC reserves the right to adapt the menu or services in consultation with the Client.

If PB is prevented from performing its obligations in respect of any booking, for any cause outside of its control, it

shall be entitled to cancel any such booking without liability, but if so requested, will use reasonable endeavours to

transfer the booking to another day.

9. Allergies and Dietary Requirement – ECC will endeavour to provide alternative menus for any dietary requirements

notified with three (3) days of an event. Any costs involve for outsourcing catering to specialist companies (e.g.

Kosher, wheat free) will be chargeable. If we are notified of any allergies, we will insure that these ingredients are

not used in the food provided; however we cannot guarantee any dishes free from trace elements due to the nature

of the kitchens. It is the Clients responsibility to notify ECC of any dietary requirements before the event, any

requirements notified after the three (3) day period may not be catered for.

10. Food Safety – ECC follows strict health and safety guidelines. Chilled food can only be left out of refrigeration for a

maximum of four (4) hours. Hot food can only be left out for a maximum of two (2) hours. After this time the food

will be deemed unsafe and consequently disposed of. ECC cannot therefore allow food to be left at a venue for the

client’s disposal unless the client signs a release form.

11. Indemnity –The Client shall at all times indemnify ECC, its directors and employees in respect of any liability, claim

or proceeding arising in respect of personal injury to or the death of any person or arising in respect of any loss,

damage or loss of use of property in any way relating to the function or relating to persons attending the function

except to the extent of contribution of any negligent act or omission of ECC. Liability shall be limited to the price

which has been invoiced in respect of that particular event.

12. Client supplying food – A client cannot supply any food at the function without prior consent from ECC. If ECC

consents to the client bringing a wedding cake or other food item to the function, the Client will only be permitted to

do so upon signing a standard release form provide by ECC.

13. Client supplying equipment – If the client is supplying any type of equipment for cooking or other reason, the

client will ensure that the equipment is in safe working order. ECC takes no responsibility if the event is hindered by

the Clients equipment or for any accidental damage to Clients equipment by our staff or other circumstance, any

damage made to equipment can be discussed with ECC post event.

14. Security Bond – ECC reserves the right to ask for and retain a bond of up to twenty-five per cent (25%) of the

estimated function costs which may be applied by ECC in carrying out any cleaning or repairs required following the

completion of the function. The bond will be refunded in the event of the venue being left in a satisfactory condition.

Final Details

14. Menu and Service Details – For the smooth running of the function, the planning of menu and service details are

to be finalised five (5) days prior to the function.

15. Final details – It is the clients responsibility to check all final details are correct when sent to them to ensure

smooth running. It is the clients right to ask for a final proposal with all details included.

16. Final Attendance – If final numbers fall below the Guaranteed Minimum Number charges will be based on the

Guaranteed Minimum Number.


16. Payment of Accounts

Unless otherwise agreed to, the Client must forward full payment to ECC five (5) days prior to the function, either by

cash, Bacs or credit card payment .

Cheques are accepted only when received seven (7) days prior to the function.

If a booking is made five (5) days or less prior to the function date, the Client must forward full payment on

confirmation based on the minimum numbers quoted.

17. Cancellation for failure to pay – ECC reserves the right to cancel the booking if payment is not received from the

Client within the prescribed time.

18. Credit Card Payment – Payment by credit card may be effected by completing, in full, a credit card payment

form. Full prepayment will be processed in advance and a copy of the invoice and card member copy of the credit

card voucher will be forwarded on completion of the function.

19. Additional Charges – Any additional charges incurred after pre-payment, inclusive of any charges not authorised

in the original booking, are required to be settled by the Client’s Nominated Contact upon the conclusion of the

function by cash or credit card. ECC reserves the right to ask for and retain prior to the function an amount of up to

10% of the function price which is applied by ECC against additional charges incurred on the day of the function, but

will be refunded in full in the event of no Additional Charges.

20. Value Added Tax – The recipient of a supply under contract will pay any applicable Value Added Tax at the same

time as paying for the supply under the contract.

21. Refunds for Overpayments – Any refunds for over payments will be processed within fourteen (14) days of the

date of the function

Cancellation Policy

22. In the regrettable situation that the Client cancels the function, written notification is required, and the following

cancellation fees with apply:

Ninety (90) days or more prior to the function Full deposit will be returned to the client by ECC

At least Thirty (30) days but less than Ninety Twenty five per cent (25%) of deposit will be retained by ECC

Less than Thirty (30) days prior to the function Fifty per cent (50%) of deposit will be retained by ECC

Less than five (5) days prior to the function One hundred per cent (100%) of deposit will be retained ECC

Less than two (2) working days prior to the function One hundred per cent (100%) of the total estimated function


is to be paid by the Client


23. Agreed Function Times/Time Extension

Additional venue hire fees (where appropriate) and/or labour charges may apply at the discretion of ECC if functions

extend beyond times agreed in writing.

If beverages supplied by ECC in a package are served and the event is extended in time ECC will charge from £2.50 per

person per half hour.

24. Public Holiday Surcharge – A surcharge of 25% is applicable for any function held on a declared public holiday.

For functions extending into a Public Holiday a surcharge maybe applicable pending level of service required.

25. Additional Staffing Charges – All staff attending a function must be paid for a minimum of four (4) hours work. If

they are required to stay later than 11pm, the client will be responsible for paying their taxi fare home. Wherever

possible, ECC shall book staff that live close together and can therefore share the taxi ride.

26. We reserve the right to charge for taxis at earlier finishing times, for locations where public transport is

unavailable, unreliable or unsafe.

27. For longer events – over six (6) hours, the client is responsible for the food costs to feed the waiting staff, band

and DJ, photographer and event/venue manager. This would either be at the same charge as the other guests, for

the same menu, or an agreed cheaper meal alternative.

28. Client Responsibility – The client is responsible for providing the following:

Heating, power and water, unless agreed prior to the event, and a charge will be incurred

Waste disposal, unless agreed prior to an event, and disposal charges will be incurred

First aid and fire fighting equipment

A clean and safe environment for ECC staff and guests.